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Mobile computers


Use mobile computers to equip your enterprise workforce with the devices they need for efficiency and productivity wherever they are.  We offer a broad portfolio of voice and data mobile computers in a variety of form factors including handheld, keypad, fixed mount, vehicle mount as well as tablet designs which enable you to capture and exchange business-critical information for applications in various industry.



Tablets & enterprise sleds | Zebra


The ET50/55 marries the best of consumer-styling with all the enterprise-class features you need to increase workforce productivity, with a real business class return on your tablet investment. Your workers get the elegant personal tablet styling they want, while you get a durable tablet designed to last for years, exceptional battery power, enterprise-class first-time every time rapid capture of practically any type of business data, plus a comprehensive family of business accessories to easily customize a solution for just about any job. The ET50/E55 — consumer styling on the outside, all business on the inside.

  • Field sales/service
  • Government
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Retail  
  • DSD/route accounting
  • Task scheduling
  • Invoicing/signature capture
  • Warehouse & yard  management
  • Cargo/container tracking
  • Price verification
  • Assisted selling
  • Line-busting
  • Asset tracking for IT assets, military, supply chain etc.