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Point of sale hardware and solution



A broad portfolio of multifunctional POS point-of-sales solution and peripherals for multiple market segments such as hospitality (restaurant, fast food, hotel etc.), retail, entertainment, logistics, manufacturing, bank, information service etc.



Point of Sale Solution | Citrus


JennyOne Android Single Store solution by Citrus Solutions Co., Ltd is a powerful standalone Android POS System that can operates even when there is no internet connection.  JennyOne works well whether you are in the fine dining, casual dining or quick service/fast food environments.


This cost effective solution delivers right amount of power, rich functionalities and is ideal for small to medium F&B business looking for a simple-to-operate solution that supports critical day-to-day operations.    

Some features include:
  • Menu setting/store setting application
  • Table Change application 
  • Order Management
  • Real time report
  • Clear and intuitive interface 




Orange Solution by Citrus Solutions Co., Ltd is a customer-centric point-of-sale (POS) solution developed for the food and beverages (F&B) environment.  Orange Solution can be deployed to support multiple brands, chain stores and cater to suit a wide range of F&B establishments ranging from casual dining to fine dining, from restaurants to chain food courts, from bars and club to hotel operations and more.


Powerful and full-featured Orange solution on premise or via cloud is outfitted with very deep functionality to meet your unique business requirements.   You can manage your front-of-store as well as back-office operation with one solution - scalable to meet your business requirements and future expansions.