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Point of sale hardware and solution



A broad portfolio of multifunctional POS point-of-sales solution and peripherals for multiple market segments such as hospitality (restaurant, fast food, hotel etc.), retail, entertainment, logistics, manufacturing, bank, information service etc.



Point of Sale Solution | XN Protel


The food & beverage management system that is ready for service

The XN rediPOS is a feature-rich and scalable point of sale solution catered to manage the needs of table service restaurants, quick service restaurants and food service retail operations.  XN rediPOS excels in environments ranging from one to multiple outlets across multiple locations. 

  • Casual, table, quick service, bar & kitchen operating modes. 
  • POS terminal tablet, mobile & guest device access points. 
  • Android, Windows 8.1 and HTML5 mobile touch ready 
  • Over 800 built in features and functions 
  • Centrally managed, enterprise wide scalability. 
  • Multi-lingual operations and support 
  • Highly customisable around your specific needs