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Posfilex RT-5015 Fanless POS Terminal
The RT-5000 Series radiates in its new design – featuring an ultra-slim and sleek look that exhibits elegance
Posiflex RT-6015 Fanless POS Terminal
The RT-6015 radiates in its new design – featuring an ultra-slim and sleek look that exhibits elegance
Posiflex XT Series POS Terminals
The Posiflex XT Series brings great flexibility to the Posiflex family with a foldable terminal base for optimal viewing angle and reduced shipping costs.
Pioneer CT18 Caristouch All-In-One Touchscreen Terminal
The CarisTouch is a state-of-art all-in-one touchscreen terminal designed specifically for harsh and demanding environments.
Pioneer 15" Cyprus POS Terminal
The CYPRUS runs Intel’s Core™ technology and allows data to be communicated via its Intel Gigabit network or USB 3.0 ports. Every CYPRUS’s screen is protected against liquid spills and lasts millions of touches.
Pioneer S-Line II POS Terminal With Integrated Epson® Printer
The S-Line II redefines the all-in-one design by integrating an EPSON® thermal receipt printer into a touch POS terminal.
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