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At Mediatech, it is about connecting your business to a complete portfolio of integrated solution with right mix of hardware, software, supplies, services and related technologies to help you realize the full potential of your assets, data, people and time.

Ever-increasing pressure to contain costs, evolving technologies and customer expectations, requires business to optimize workflow processes in order to adapt with productivity and profitability.

We understand the day-to-day realities of individual industry as well as its own uniqueness and requirement hence you can trust us to deliver a total system solution designed to meet specific needs in your industry. Contact us now for more information on how to identify, capture and manage mission critical data to optmize your business today, tomorrow and more.

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Solution Overview By Industry


  • Asset tracking and management
  • Record/schedule management and administration
  • Classrooms/facilities maintenance and management
  • Mobile lecturers
  • Wireless LAN
Some sub-sectors include:

Childcare/infant care centres, elementary & secondary schools, junior colleges, universities, business schools ,training centres, education support services and more.


  • Asset tracking and management
  • E-Citation solution
    • Moving violations
    • Parking & ordinance violations
  • Law enforcement and public safety
  • Operations management
  • Public service and logistics
  • Security and access control


  • Admissions
    • Patient ID verifications / wristband 
  • Pharmacy and Lab
  • Point of care
  • Material management
    • Inventory/Asset tracking
Some sub-sectors include:

Biotechnology, medical equipment, supplies & distribution, medical laboratories, pharmaceuticals, healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes etc.), managed healthcare and more.


  • Facilities management and maintenance
  • Guest safety and security
  • Workforce management
  • Food safety and quality assurance
  • Ticketing - mobile e-ticket applications
  • Loyalty, membership and access card printing solution
  • F&B business management
Some sub-sectors include:

Sports, leisure & gaming, hotel & accommodation, food services, events, travel/tourism, theme parks and more.


  • Customer engagement solution
  • Field sales/Direct store delivery (DSD)
  • Fleet management and delivery
  • Point of sale
  • Warehouse management solution
  • Store operations
Some sub-sectors include:

Convenience stores, grocery/non-grocery retailers, speciality stores, departmental stores, home & DIY, health and beauty, general merchandise, sports and leisure, hypermarkets, vending and more.

Transportation & Logistics

  • Warehouse and material management
  • Fleet operations
  • Employee productivity and identification
  • Passenger/ customer services
  • Yard and terminal operations
Some sub-sectors include:

Airlines and airports, post and parcels, maritimes, rails and roads, shipping, ports, trucking and more.


  • Asset and inventory management
  • Material and warehouse management
  • Quality management - Track and traceability
  • Production lines applications
  • Mobile operator solution
  • Yard management
  • Staff communications and management
Some sub-sectors include:

Automotive, aerospace, high tech & electronics, petrochemical, food and beverage, life science and more.

Solution by Mediatech

Asset Tracking System

Automate and proactively protect your business against loss of asset with Mediatech Asset Tracking System (ATS)

Asset Management System

Track and manage your assets with Mediatech Asset Management System (AMS).

Inventory Management System

Mediatech Inventory Management System (IMS) can be used in conjunction with your existing accounting system to accurately track and control your inventory.