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About Zebra Technologies
Zebra (NASDAQ: ZBRA) empowers organizations to thrive in the on-demand economy by making every front-line worker and asset at the edge visible, connected and fully optimized. With an ecosystem of more than 10,000 partners across more than 100 countries, Zebra serves customers of all sizes – including 84% of the Fortune 500 – with an award-winning portfolio of hardware, software, services and solutions that digitize and automate workflows. Supply chains are more dynamic, customers and patients are better served, and workers are more engaged when they utilize Zebra innovations that help them sense, analyze and act in real time. Zebra recently expanded its industrial automation portfolio with its Fetch Robotics acquisition and increased its machine vision and AI software capabilities with the acquisitions of Adaptive Vision, and Matrox Imaging. Zebra is #25 on Newsweek’s inaugural list of America’s Most Loved Workplaces, #42 on Fast Company’s list of the Best Workplaces for Innovators and #79 on Forbes’ list of America’s 500 Best Midsize Employers.


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Zebra ET8X Rugged 2-in-1 Tablet
The dependable 2-in-1 tablets created for the workers the world depends on. They’re thin and lightweight, yet rugged to work wherever you do with advanced wireless communications.
Zebra TC52-HC Series Healthcare Mobile Computers
Zebra’s TC52-HC, TC52x-HC and TC52ax-HC healthcare mobile computers offer a disinfectant-ready enterprise solution healthcare organisations looking to improve the operational efficiency of their clinical workers while delivering better around-the-clock patient care with greater accuracy.
Zebra TC5X Series Mobile Computer
The TC5X Series - the Wi-Fi only TC52x with Wi-Fi 5, the Wi-Fi only TC52ax with Wi-Fi 6, and the Wi-Fi 5/cellular TC57x, and the new generation TC53 with Wi-Fi 6E and the TC58 with 5G/Wi-Fi 6E are designed to do more with new hardware and software innovations that redefine mobile computing performance.
Zebra VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer
Zebra's VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computers are built on the Android platform and designed for the warehouse. With it's ultra-rugged construction it's ideal for freezer condensing environments in cold storage warehouses.
Zebra WT6300 Wearable Computer
The next generation wearable computer offering new features, including optional keypad, faster processor and more, that drive productivity and order accuracy to the next level.
Zebra ET5X Series Tablet
Rugged and lightweight enterprise tablet, running either Windows 10 or Android, that you can customize for just about any job – inside or in the field. Available with either an 8 in. or 10 in. screen and in a newly added compact 8 in. model with an integrated scanner and payment option.
Zebra HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display
With the first of its kind rugged HD4000 Enterprise Head-Mounted Display, you can boost task efficiency and accuracy by overlaying the most relevant contextual information over your workers’ real-time field of view. Hands and eyes are always free to focus on tasks — instead of interacting with an application on a mobile computer to obtain the same data.
Zebra TC21-HC/TC26-HC Healthcare Mobile Computers
The ultimate cost-effective mobile computer built for healthcare.
Zebra TC72 WLAN And TC77 WWAN Mobile Computer
Zebra's ultra-rugged TC72 WLAN and TC77 WWAN Mobile Computers take service to the next level providing the ultimate user experience inside the four walls and outdoors.
Zebra VC80x Vehicle Mount Computer
Give operators in material handling vehicles mobile access to the desktop applications they need to complete tasks faster and more accurately. Zebra offers the VC80x with the Android operating systems.
Zebra L10 Rugged Tablet Platform
The functional flexibility and customizability of the Zebra L10 ensures that your workers have the right computing tool to thrive in their environment.
Zebra RS5100 Bluetooth Wearable Scanner
THE ‘GO-EVERYWHERE’ FEATHERWEIGHT AND RUGGED WEARABLE SCANNER - The next generation in wearable scanner design, ergonomics, ruggedness, performance and versatility, ready to boost workforce productivity with hands-free scanning in your warehouse, distribution centre, manufacturing floor or retail front and back room.
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