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Zebra RFID Labels And Tags

Zebra’s offering of general purpose, advanced and speciality RFID labelling solutions enables you to meet the RFID performance needs of your application.  Zebra certified RFID supplies are designed and tested with Zebra printers and RAIN RFID readers to ensure high performance. 


Paper and synthetic labels designed to offer market-leading performance for use with standard applications.  Most cost effective and best for Non-metallic surfaces, plastics or corrugate.  Typical applications include labelling of cases, pallets, products and healthcare specimens.  



Paper and synthetic labels that offer a higher level of readability performance than general purpose labels.  Offers improved read ranges with off-axis placement, on diverse materials, densely packed items, with overhead readers, as well as when extended read ranges are required.  Applications include the identification of cases/pallets, products, work-in-progress, healthcare specimens and laboratory tests.  



Unique solutions and designs created to maximize read range of challenging surfaces such as on-metal, liquid-filled containers, IT assets, jewellery, chemical drums, metal tools, parts and fixtures, laboratory, test and clinical equipment.   

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