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Honeywell CT40 XP HC Enterprise Mobile Computer for Healthcare

The Honeywell CT40 XP HC enterprise mobile computer for healthcare is an essential, all-purpose, connected clinician device.  Better technology improves healthcare safety.  Hospitals employ strict protocols for routine cleaning and disinfecting of devices to protect the health and safety of both healthcare professionals and patients. The Honeywell CT40 XP HC is disinfectant ready to tolerate frequent cleaning with disinfecting products containing harsh chemicals without any damaging or compromising the functionality of the device.  

All information/specifications indicated are for reference only and may be subject to changes without prior notice. Decode capabilities may at times be dependent on configuration.

  • Industry
  • Application


  • Healthcare


Ideal for these applications:

  • Admissions
  • Specimen collection
  • Point of Care
  • Pharmacy and Lab
  • Materials management