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Honeywell Orbit HF680 2D Hand-Free Presentation Scanner

Honeywell Orbit HF680 is a 2D hands-free/presentation scanner that is the perfect blend of affordability, performance, and style. Retailers no longer have to compromise their budgets to get scanning performance in a modern design.  And it’s perfect for customers looking to upgrade their 1D Orbit 7120s scanners to 2D.

The Orbit HF680 features advanced area-imaging technology, so customers will zip through the checkout line with its lightning-fast scanning. The scanner quickly reads both 1D and 2D barcodes, digital barcodes from cellular phones and smudged or damaged barcodes.  And the Orbit HF680 minimizes checkout delays by quickly scanning traditionally difficult to read digital barcodes and even damaged barcodes.


All information/specifications indicated are for reference only and may be subject to changes without prior notice. Decode capabilities may at times be dependent on configuration.

  • Specifications
  • Industry
  • Applications



8.5 × 8.8 × 13.9 cm

Area-imaging scanner 

Standard 1D, PDF & 2D


  • Healthcare
  • Retail 


Ideal for these applications: 

  • Point of sale (POS) Checkout 
  • Mobile payment 
  • Mobile marketing/loyalty program 
  • Admissions