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Mediatech Asset Management System (AMS)

Every customer is different hence we customize our Asset tracking solution to suit individual requirement.  Mediatech Asset Tracking System (ATS) provides basic asset tracking capabilities and the Asset Management System (AMS) takes data a step further to include analysis and assessments for the purpose of financial planning.  

AMS aims to function like a central warehouse storing vast assets information while enabling authorized users to view list of all assets at a glance in a user-friendly manner.  AMS allows integration with portable barcode scanners, mobile computers and barcode printers to deliver a complete intuitive asset tracking solution that is suitable for organization of all sizes even those handling large amount of assets.


Minimum system requirements: 

  • WAMP Server 5.6.35
  • Apache 2.4.33
  • Windows 10
  • Browser – Edge / Firefox / Chrome
  • MySQL 5.7.21
  • Android OS – 8.0 and above.

All information/specifications indicated are for reference only and may be subject to changes without prior notice. Decode capabilities may at times be dependent on configuration.

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Recommended hardware


  • Track condition and physical location of assets
  • Track, identify and link assets to relevant employee

  • Create, update assets and view assets details with photo and availability 

  • Manage asset category, loan, write off, transfer, discrepancies and more

  • Asset loan - generate loan form (with logo) and Loan report.

  • Asset Master List Data importation

  • Asset Barcode Label printing and integration with portable scanner/mobile computer

  • Email notification and access control

  • View Activity logs and generate reports such as Detailed Asset Report, Discrepancy report, Asset write off report and more.

  • Summary of assets with net book value, depreciation


  • Reduce manual paper work and human error

  • Boast staff efficiency and operation productivity – Less manpower required and staff is able to identify and locate assets swiftly so they can spend more time to address other business concern.

  • Scalable solution

  • Allows better financial planning (Calculate life cycle and depreciation of assets)

  • Comprehensive guide on assets

  • Better plan for financial, operational and legal risks.

Recommended hardware

Zebra TC21 mobile computer 
Honeywell EDA51 mobile computer 


Zebra ZD400 series desktop printers
Honeywell PC42 desktop printers