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Mediatech Asset Tracking System (ATS)

Inefficient manual asset tracking increases business cost and risk.  Automate and proactively protect your business against loss of  asset with Mediatech Asset Tracking System (ATS).   ATS offers asset tracking capabilities such as discrepancy checking, report generation and integration with barcode scanner / mobile computer. 


Minimum system requirements: 

  • Windows 10 
  • MSSQL Express
  • Android OS - 8.0 and above.

All information/specifications indicated are for reference only and may be subject to changes without prior notice. Decode capabilities may at times be dependent on configuration.

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Recommended hardware


  • Simple to use and understand.  
  • Works together with existing system which has asset master list
  • Password security 
  • Interface with batch portable barcode scanners for physical asset scanning
  • Generate discrepancy report - physical assets vs system asset list 
  • Asset barcode label printing 


  • Eliminate error caused by manual data entry allows faster collection of more and better data.  
  • Less manpower is required to keep track of assets hence free up time can be better spent attending to more important tasks. 
  • Improved efficiency and productivity by reducing the time required to locate assets.
  • Cycle count - able to integrate with management system to do cycle count of assets. 
  • Comprehensive guide on assets - Assets are classified, updated, and evaluated by management to ensure there is no discrepancy in data 

Recommended hardware

Zebra TC21 mobile computer 
Honeywell EDA51 mobile computer 


Zebra ZD400 series desktop printers
Honeywell PC42 desktop printers